Side Guard

SideGuard – This product insulates the side walls of a container or truck and is normally used in conjunction with our Astro-Cooler® blankets or Astro-Quilts®.  Especially effective for cargo that is pushed right up against the sides of the trailer, SideGuard can be installed in less than 5 minutes.  This is a very economical cold chain management system when used in conjunction with an Astro-Quilt® or Astro-Cooler® Blanket.

This product is considered added thermal protection that can be very useful when shipping on longer routes in extreme temperatures.


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Thermal Container Side Guards
  • Thermal Truck Side Guards

Summer Shipment of Almonds – Protected by Astro-Cooler Blanket and SideGuard

  • 45 day ocean container shipment
  • July shipment of almonds
  • Starting product temperature was 75°F
  • Highest ambient temperature was 112°F
  • Highest air temperature under AC Blanket and SideGuard was 88°F.
Alpine Nut – Side guard and blanket oceans container

Summer Potato Intermodal Shipment Protected by Astro-Quilt with SideGuard

7 day intermodal shipment from Missouri to Massachusetts
September shipment of raw potatoes
Product starting temperature was 50°F
Highest ambient temperature recorded was 96°F
Highest air temperature under the Astro-Quilt with SideGuard was 60°F

Potato Intermodal Side Guard and Quilt