Pallet Covers

Astro-Cooler® Pallet Covers - Ideal for LTL/LCL shipments, our thermal pallet covers protect each individual pallet from harsh temperature changes.  Insulated Pallet Quilts are economical and can be used for one-way shipments when climate-controlled shipment is not feasible or practical.  Our covers can be made with the basic Astro-Cooler® reflective aluminum foil layer + bubble construction or the more robust Astro-Quilt® material.

Product Temperature Protection

If you need temperature protection to mitigate heat or cold damage to your products during shipping, our covers help keep product temperatures in their safe range. Our temperature control solution keeps products 20-30 degrees warmer or cooler than the surrounding environment, minimizing damaging temperature fluctuations.

Available Sizes

Thermal pallet covers are available in standard heights of 48”, 60” and 72”, but we can also make pallet wraps in custom sizes for those applications that require it. We also offer the basic AC Blanket and more robust Astro Quilt insulated cargo blanket for larger applications, Container Liners for ocean containers, and Side Guard to add even more thermal protection inside containers or trucks.

Typical Applications

Our reflective insulated pallet blankets are the industry standard solution for protecting temperature sensitive products like:

  • Food: Chocolate, produce, aseptic products, cookie dough, baby formula
  • Drinks: Beer, champagne, soft drinks, juices, water, milk, protein shakes
  • Consumer: Cosmetics, detergents, soaps, shampoo, cleaning supplies, plants
  • Industrial: Chemicals, paints, resins, adhesives, packaging material, stain & coatings, fertilizer
  • Cold Chain: Any product that needs to be kept cool through transport can benefit from our insulated covers for pallets



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Insulated Pallet Blanket
  • Reflective thermal shipping blanket

Winter chemical shipment – Protected by both AC Pallet Cover and Astro-Quilt pallet cover

  • Test to show difference in performance between two models
  • 4 day LTL shipment between Kansas City and Minneapolis
  • Product starting temperature was 75°F
  • Lowest ambient temperature recorded was 7°F
  • Lowest air temperature under Astro-Cooler pallet cover was 37°F
  • Lowest air temperature under Astro-Quilt pallet cover was 48°F
PC vs PQ, 4 day extreme cold

Summer food ingredient shipment – Protected by Astro-Cooler Pallet Cover

  • 6 day LTL shipment from Georgia to Seattle
  • Product starting temperature was 72°F
  • Highest ambient temperature recorded was 96°F
  • Highest air temperature under Astro-Cooler pallet cover was 79°F
Summer Food – Pallet Cover