AC Blanket

Astro-Cooler® Blanket – Used for intermodal, over-the-road, and ocean shipments, the AC Blanket either reflects the solar radiation away during summer or maintains the heat mass under the blanket in winter.  This product typically delivers a temperature differential of approximately 25F between the air temperature inside the shipping container and the air temperature underneath our blanket.

Lightweight, easy to install and reusable, our thermal blankets are available in a standard size of 9' wide x 53' long.  We also offer any custom size required including sizes for ocean containers and rail cars.  Astro-Cooler® Blankets are an economical alternative to reefers or heated trucks. If you need more protection or durability, consider our Astro-Quilt® thermal shipping quilts.


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AC Blanket
  • AstroCooler Blanket

Winter Chemical Shipment – Protected by AC Blanket

  • 7 day Intermodal shipment from Toronto to Los Angeles
  • March chemical shipment
  • Product starting temperature was 58°F
  • Lowest ambient temperature was 3°F
  • Lowest air temperature under AC Blanket was 28°F
Winter Chemical Shipment - Protected by Astro-Cooler Blanket

Summer Beer Shipment – Protected by Astro-Cooler Blanket

  • 2 day OTR shipment from Colorado to Texas
  • June Beer Shipment
  • Product starting temperature was 53°F
  • Highest ambient temperature was 104°F
  • Highest air temperature under Astro-Cooler Blanket was 70°F
2 Day Summer Full Truckload Beer Shipment