Route Insurance

The first of its kind Freeze Protect Shipping Insurance, exclusively for Astro-Cooler Clients

Astro-Cooler has helped hundreds of shippers dramatically reduce their risk of freezing while still enjoying the cost savings from shipping on the rail, year-round. Switching to dry intermodal with an AC Blanket can reduce freight costs from 40% to 80%, not to mention increasing capacity because you aren’t competing for reefer availability in peak season.

In a ground-breaking partnership with Loadsure, we can now offer our clients freeze protection insurance when shipping with Astro-Cooler’s Passive Thermal Protection products. If you ship freeze-sensitive products and typically switch to over-the-road in the cold season, talk with us instead about using Passive Thermal Protection to stay on the rail all year!

Our insurance offers the following benefits:

  • An Astro-Assure Route Forecast account for real-time route and risk planning
  • Proven, high quality Astro-Cooler Blankets and Astro-Quilts
  • Real-time temperature tracking of loads
  • An easy-to-use, intuitive portal gives access to per-load insurance in under a minute
  • Data powered, dynamic pricing to your cargo’s unique specification
  • Automated claims process, with rapid payment in approximately 14 days