Astro Quilt

Astro-Quilt® - More durable and protective than our foil/bubble blankets, the Astro-Quilt® combines high quality reflective surfaces with highly protective micro-foam insulation and is ideal for shipments of extended length into extreme conditions.  Equally effective for extreme heat or cold, Astro-Quilt can be purchased or leased on a monthly basis. The typical level of cargo quilt thermal protection with this product is approximately 30F between the air temperature inside the shipping container and the air temperature underneath our blanket.

Even with added insulation, our standard sized Astro-Quilt is 9’ wide x 53’ long and only weighs 40 lbs.  Custom sizes are also available in this cooler insulation blanket.


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Astro Quilt
  • Astro Quilt

Winter Wine Shipment – Protected by Astro-Quilt

  • 6 day intermodal shipment from California to Georgia
  • February wine shipment
  • Product starting temperature was 60°F
  • Lowest ambient temperature recorded was 13°F
  • Lowest air temperature under Astro-Quilt was 36°F
Winter Wine – Quilt

Summer Potato Intermodal Shipment Protected by Astro-Quilt with SideGuard

  • 7 day intermodal shipment from Missouri to Massachusetts
  • September shipment of raw potatoes
  • Product starting temperature was 50°F
  • Highest ambient temperature recorded was 96°F
  • Highest air temperature under the Astro-Quilt with SideGuard was 60°F
Potato Intermodal Side Guard and Quilt