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How to Save on LTL Shipments

Posted onApril 27, 2021

Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping allows companies to share space on a trailer to minimize cost. Even then, there are several ways to maximize shipping efficiency to get the most out of LTL. Here are several tips to explore as you plan your shipping strategy:

  • Know your carrier’s service areas – Most LTL shippers work within specific geographic routes/regions. If your shipment is outside this zone, you may be charged additional fees or pay for transfers to different carriers.
  • Consolidate shipments – It is far cheaper to ship 6 pallets once a week than 2 pallets three times a week. Work with your distributors and retailers to reduce deliveries over time.
  • Plan your shipments – Holidays and peak retail shopping times increase both cost and delivery times for everyone. Keep these events in mind and work around them if your products are not time sensitive. Plan ahead if they are!
  • Optimize pallet space – Maximize the space on your pallet with effective stacking.
  • Package defensively – Don’t skimp on packaging and palletizing your cargo. Poorly protected products could cost you more in replacements and can put you at risk for denial of a claim against your carrier.
  • Invest in Passive Thermal Protection – If your products are temperature-sensitive, passive thermal protection such as pallet covers and thermal blankets will protect your products without the added expense of engaging a refrigerated truck. Some manufacturers use pallet covers as an additional layer of protection in temperature controlled trucks to safeguard against breakdowns and transitions during transit. For cargo pushed against the sides of a trailer or container, our Side Guard adds even more protection.

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