Pallet Cover

Which type of pallet cover is best for my application?

Posted onJune 07, 2021

Astro-Cooler’s thermal pallet covers are ideal for LTL/LCL Dry shipping and come in two styles – the basic Astro-Cooler aluminum foil layer + bubble material, and the more robust Astro-Quilt material. Once customers discover the benefits of our passive thermal protection solutions, the next question is “which cover should I choose?”

48 Inch Astro-Cooler Pallet Cover
48 Inch Astro-Cooler Pallet Cover


48 Inch Tall Astro-Quilt Pallet Cover
48 Inch Astro-Quilt Pallet Cover


Here are the first questions we’ll ask to help you choose the best pallet cover for your products:

Could you re-use the covers?

Our Astro-Quilt Pallet Covers can be reused for approximately 40 shipments before needing to be replaced. They are ideal for shippers sending products within their own networks, or when retrieval and return is feasible. Re-using covers drops the cost per shipment down to a very manageable level while also reducing cost on LTL shipments that would otherwise require a reefer. If, however, you ship to customers that would simply not take the time to fold and store covers or ship them back to you, then the one-time use Astro-Cooler Basic Pallet Covers are a good choice.

What is the acceptable temperature range of the products being shipped?

Passive thermal protection insulates the items within the barrier and mitigates against fluctuations in temperatures outside of the cover. It maintains heat in the winter and protects against it in the summer. The cover you need will be determined by the acceptable temperature range of the product and the expected temperatures your container will experience during shipping.

  • Astro-Cooler Basic Pallet Cover typically delivers a temperature differential of around 25 degrees (F) between the air temperature inside the container and under the blanket.
  • Astro-Quilt Pallet Cover is approximately 20% more thermally protective than the Basic Pallet Cover, making it ideal for shipments of extended length into extreme conditions.

What is the size of your pallet?

Pallet Covers in both materials come in standard heights of 48”, 60”, and 72” and custom sizes are available if needed.

We work personally with every client to determine the right solution for their products and shipping logistics. Contact Us to begin the conversation!