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Introducing First-of-Its-Kind Freeze Protect Shipping Insurance, Exclusively for Astro-Cooler Clients

Posted onFebruary 01, 2023

In a ground-breaking, industry-first partnership with Loadsure, Astro-Cooler is pleased to announce that we can now offer our clients on-demand, data-priced freeze insurance when shipping with Astro-Cooler’s Passive Thermal Protection products.

Astro-Cooler has helped hundreds of shippers dramatically reduce their risk of freezing while still enjoying the cost savings from shipping on the rail longer, even year-round. Switching to dry intermodal with an AC Blanket can reduce freight costs from 40% to 80%, not to mention increasing capacity because you aren’t competing for Reefer availability in peak season. Intermodal is more fuel-efficient making it a greener shipping option, too.

Even with these benefits, though, many shippers continue to spend on reefers because even a small chance of losing products to freezing is not worth the usual cost of insuring it and the hassle of making a claim. That’s where this innovative new insurance product comes in. Astro-Cooler and Loadsure have partnered to create a first-if-its-kind freeze protection policy for customers that use Astro-Cooler blankets.

Astro-Cooler customers can view and purchase competitive quotes for each shipment through a personalized portal in as little as under a minute. In the event of a loss, claims are easily submitted through an intuitive online form. Claims are paid upon approval, within a few days.

Adam Anderson, CEO of Astro-Cooler, Inc. says “We created this revolutionary insurance product in response to a demand for limiting the freeze risk of our customers. For those clients that would like to stay on the rail all year, without worrying about lost product in the winter months, this insurance is for them. Loadsure has been the perfect partner to develop this product with, and we are both excited to see the doors this offering opens for shippers.”

Together, Astro-Cooler and Loadsure offer the powerful combination of passive thermal protection and affordable per-load freeze insurance, giving shippers the flexibility to stay on the rails while still maintaining control of risk and costs.

Jim Heide, COO & Cofounder of Loadsure says, "Loadsure’s partnership with Astro Cooler is a natural fit; complementing industry-leading passive thermal protection with data-priced, all-risk insurance - bringing massive cost-savings and efficiencies to the supply chain with the peace of mind security of our holistic freight protection."

How It Works:

  1. Contact Us for a personal consultation to determine the thermal protection products and Freeze Protect Shipping Insurance that will work for you.
  2. Log in to Astro-Assure Route Forecast to determine the impact of weather along your route
  3. Log in to your personal Loadsure portal
    1. Enter shipment details
    2. Receive & review a personalized premium and deductible offer
    3. Click to accept and instantly receive an insurance certificate for the specified shipment
  4. If you should need to make a claim, return to your Loadsure portal and fill out the convenient online form. Payouts are delivered instantly upon approval of claim.

If you ship freeze-sensitive products and typically switch to over-the-road in the cold season, talk with us instead about using Passive Thermal Protection to stay on the rails. Add Freeze Protect Shipping Insurance to your route and ship with peace of mind that if something does go wrong, you are protected.

About Loadsure

Loadsure LogoLoadsure, an international Insurtech Managing General Agent (MGA) and Lloyd’s coverholder, leverages AI and automation to provide an industry first pay-as-you-go, digital insurance for brokers, shippers, and carriers. Through and leading TMS platforms, transactional coverage can be automated—or secured in under a minute.

About Astro-Cooler

Astro-Cooler is an industry leader in Passive Thermal Protection. Our lightweight, easy to install and reuse thermal blankets, quilts and pallet covers deliver a temperature differential of 20-30 degrees (depending upon the product) between air inside the shipping container and the air underneath the thermal protection. This differential can allow shippers to extend their dry shipping windows in both summer and winter. We have multiple clients that dry ship year round with our products.

Claims are paid upon approval, within a few days.